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WebWall protects you, your privacy and anonymity from all the online threats your firewall and antivirus does not. It's the best protection for your privacy & online activity.

WebWall Blocks Privacy Threats

Tracking Cookies

Web Trackers

Screen Recorders


And More!

Your firewall, antivirus and VPN alone do not protect you against these common online privacy threats.

Browse Faster

A speed boost, everywhere on the web.

Because WebWall blocks 6 trackers on average for any web page, there's less your web browser needs to load before displaying a web page, resulting in faster browsing.

Control Your Privacy

We stop trackers from spying on your web activity.

Nearly every website today tracks your behavior. WebWall blocks these websites from tracking you.

We believe you have a fundamental right to maintain your online privacy and remain anonymous.

Peace Of Mind

WebWall keeps your privacy & anonymity safe.

With WebWall, you never have to second guess your safety while browsing the web again. We do the heavy lifting behind the scenes to keep you, your privacy, and anonymity safe.


How's It Work?

WebWall privately and securely checks for and blocks trackers on the websites you're browsing using its advanced, localized security algorithms.

WebWall NEVER tracks you and NEVER sends your browsing history or data to our servers. All of your information stays secure on your system.

Maximum Protection, Affordable Pricing.

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WebWall Unlimited

Automatically block all trackers.

See how websites use your data.

Noticeably faster web browsing.


Automatic lifetime security updates.

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Maximum online privacy protection


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